Friday Music Fix


The Friday Music Fix is a mix of local, national, and sometimes international independent music artists, put together for your listening pleasure! And a great way to get the weekend started just a little early.


Track Listing

Circles” by Lunar Rogue from Lunar Rogue
A Beginning Without An End” by OXCROSS from Tree And Stone
Big Faces” by Boyfrndz from Breeder
Homesick Dirge” by The Written Years from The Written Years
The Phone Is Ringing” by The Written Years from The Written Years
Circle In The Trees” by YOU from Debut LP Preview
Dead Dog Dead Spartan” by Brotherhood Of Machines from Single
The Light Our Eyes Receive” by Nighttimeschoolbus from Single
Phase 5” by Blackcell from In The Key Of Black
The Real Thing” by Kendall Burks from The Real Thing / Invisible Walls EP

Literati Radio

We love bringing you our “Local Mix Monday” episodes. In fact, the only bummer is that it’s only once a week! We just don’t think that’s enough, and set out to do something about it.

We figured the logical next step was to set up our own internet radio station, to stream the awesome artists we feature on LMM, as well as other great independent artists we’ve had on our podcast, all week long – 24/7!

Thus “Literati Radio” was born! Click here to check it out, and let us know what you think.

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