Local Mix Monday


Each Monday we will bring you a mix of some of Colorado’s finest home grown talent.

We are always accepting submissions, from local artists, to be on the show.

Just fill out the Artist Submission Form under the Lit-Line menu, and let us know how to contact you, and where to hear your music.

Track Listing

Munch” by Ned Garthe from Teenage Acid Party
Weakness” by Torsion Project from Perception & Reason
Artist Drowning” by Artist Drowning from Driving Home In Reverse
Twister In The Dark (Samuel Edgar Remix)” by Jane Thatcher from Single
Orphans” by Remember The Radio from Sharper Moon Rabbit
O.D.” by Today’s Paramount from Demo
AZS” by Crash Endings from Tragedy
Birthday” by Eat The Sun from In Case Of Flood

Literati Radio

We love bringing you our “Local Mix Monday” episodes. In fact, the only bummer is that it’s only once a week! We just don’t think that’s enough, and set out to do something about it.

We figured the logical next step was to set up our own internet radio station, to stream the awesome artists we feature on LMM, as well as other great independent artists we’ve had on our podcast, all week long – 24/7!

Thus “Literati Radio” was born! Click here to check it out, and let us know what you think.

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