Mustard1There’s two important things to know about local Denver rock band Mustard:

1. They enjoy playing a heavy brand of retro-rock, that includes tones reminiscent of bands like Kyuss, Fu Manchu, and Blue Cheer.


2. They don’t care to write songs or sing about their feelings.

They prefer to play a self-described “comic book rock”, rife with escapist themes based in science fiction, the old west, bank heists, and American muscle cars.

Bottom line – Mustard thinks rock music should be fun, and prefers to “entertain” rather than “complain”. And if the smiling faces present at their shows are any indication, mission accomplished.

So wadda ya waitin’ for – get up, get out, and have some fun with Mustard! See below for upcoming show dates…


Upcoming Live Events
  • Bushwackers – Sat, Aug 17 10:00 pm.
  • Herman’s Hideaway – Mon, Aug 19 7:00 pm. w/ Rubedo, The Risin’ Sun, Cloud Catcher, and Dreadnought
Additional Resources and References
Track List
  • Mustard – “Hard Revvin’ Girl” from Classic Yellow – (Self-released, 2013)
  • Mustard – “Swifthound” from Classic Yellow – (Self-released, 2013)
  • Mustard – “Blast Off (Trilogy Pt. 1)” from Classic Yellow – (Self-released, 2013)
  • Mustard – “Castle Bravo (Trilogy Pt. 2)” from Classic Yellow – (Self-released, 2013)
  • Mustard – “Space Queen (Trilogy Pt. 3)” from Classic Yellow – (Self-released, 2013)


Chris “CJ” Johnson – Multi-instrumentalist/Bass/Keys/Lead Vocals

Kyle Sage – Multi-instrumentalist/Guitar/Vocals

Joe Brezlin- Guitar/Vocals

Lou Santos – Bass/Vocals/What-ev’s

Brandon MacKay – Drums