Indigenous Robot

IndigenousRobot1Indigenous Robot has one of the more unique band sounds sounds found on the local Denver music scene.

With a free-flowing writing style, a single song can sound like it is made up of 3 or 4 smaller songs. But if this gives you the impression that it sounds haphazard, you’d be wrong. While it’s true that a song can have many changes and permutations within it, the band does an excellent job of maintaining a cohesive thread throughout each composition.




It’s this free-flowing style that may be one of the bands greatest strengths, actively engaging the listener, and refusing to be relegated to casual background noise. This is music you clear time for, and listen to from beginning to end.

With 2 albums already released, another in the works, and a few YouTube videos (see links below), Indigenous Robot doesn’t waste time over-analyzing it’s past work, and prefers to capture the moment they are in, while moving steadily towards new goals and challenges.


Additional Resources and References
Track List
  • Indigenous Robot – “Ridge Trail” from Fire Ball – (Hafkees Records, 2013)
  • Indigenous Robot – “Spell” from Fire Ball – (Hafkees Records, 2013)
  • Indigenous Robot – “Shelter Undone” from Fire Ball – (Hafkees Records, 2013)


Kyle South – Vocals/Guitar

Elyse Elam – Keys

Tyler Knapp – Bass

Ryan Longenecker – Drums